“It doesn’t look good,” Stephani told Kimberly Ransom.  “We’re out of markers and we’re running out of publicity photos for you to sign.”

The book signing for Between the Silky Sheets, Kimberly’s latest bestseller Heart’s Desire Press, was going extremely well.  Kimberly was pleased with fan reaction to her latest offering and even more pleased that she’d chosen to attend ErotiCon 2004.  In the space of only hours she’d met five new friends and taken a lover from among them; this was easily shaping up to be the most incredible weekend of her life.

“I have a stack of both back in the office,” Kimberly told assistant Stephani.  “We just have to find someone to go get them.”

“Do I hear a damsel in distress?” Bob Thorne asked.  He and his new girlfriend Andrea walked up, threading their way past the throng of fans seeking signed books and autographed photos.  Bob’s booth, the Chocolate Cherub, was running more or less without him now.  He’d brought in a couple of his part-time employees to push his Bob’s Sexy Fruity Chocolates and hand out fliers so he could spend more time with Andrea, with whom he’d become involved that weekend.

“Hey,” Kimberly smiled.  “Where’s your brother?”

“I saw him just now,” Andrea said, referring to Kimberly’s new lover, Bryon.  “He’s got to make sure the caterers know where they’re supposed to go tonight for the fundraiser gala, meet with the charity people, talk to the orchestra leader.  You know, event coordinator stuff.”

“A likely excuse,” Kimberly said.

“We’d be happy to go pick up that stuff for you,” Bob offered.  He was dressed casually, his muscles straining against the t-shirt and jeans he wore.  Andrea was wearing a short skirt and an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse that showed off her figure and bared a tantalizing amount of her midriff.  She tossed her dyed red locks back and smile.

“We can take my car,” she said.

“Would you?  That would really avert a crisis here,” Kimberly said.  She fished out the office key from her purse and gave it to Andrea.  “Do you know where it is?”

“I do,” Andrea said.  “I’m the one who dropped off your security card and paperwork before the convention started.  I’ll make sure Bob doesn’t get lost.”

“Lead the way,” Bob grinned.

In the convention center and hotel parking lot, Andrea led Bob to her car.  It was a cherry red Mitsubishi sports car that looked built for speed.  Bob whistled.  “Not exactly the chocolate shop panel truck,” he said admiringly.

“You want to drive?” she offered the car keys.

“If you’re going to twist my arm,” he said.

They set out for the HDP office building, Andrea giving directions.  Bob drove well, shifting gears without difficulty.

“You handle as stick well,” she commented.

“So do you,” he said, unable to keep a straight face.  They both laughed at the cheesy line.  “Seriously, the van’s a standard.  Nothing to it.”

“Turn left here,” Andrea told him.  Bob did as he was told.  He looked around.  The area was fairly deserted, an overpass cutting deep shadows through the bright sunlight.  “This isn’t the office,” he said.

“No, it’s not,” Andrea said.  “Turn off the car, lover.”  She ran a hand over his leg and inside his muscled thigh.  Bob felt himself stirring at her touch.

“Here?” he asked.

“What’s the matter?” Andrea asked, playing innocent.  “Too public?”

“It will do,” Bob grinned.  Andrea unbuckled her seatbelt and then his.  “Hands on the wheel,” she told him.  He obeyed and she unbuckled his jeans, pulling the zipper down and pulling him out of his boxers.

“Andrea,” Bob said.  “This isn’t a fling for me.”

“I know, Bob.  Not for me, either.”  He ran her thumb and forefinger up and down his massive shaft, feeling him grow hot and hard at her touch.

“I think I’m in love with you, Andrea.”

“That’s good, Bob,” she said softly, pulling her hair back and bending over him.  “I would hate to think it was just me.”  She placed her mouth over the head of his penis and began to suck – gently, at first, and then with more energy.  Bob moaned and gripped the wheel more tightly.

She worked on him for some time, sucking him lovingly and pausing every so often to look up into his eyes.  Bob looked down at her and thought he had never seen a sexier woman on Earth.  He wasn’t sure why they’d found each other, but it had to be fate.  He just knew it; Andrea was the one.

“Andrea… Andrea, that’s so good… I’m going to…” he said.

“Not yet,” she said, moving to find a more comfortable position with the stick shift placed awkwardly between them.  “Not yet, Bob,” she repeated.  “I want you in me.”  She pulled her skirt up and Bob saw she wore no underwear.

“You came prepared for this trip,” he said, his member throbbing and slick.

Andrea was turned on, almost overwhelmed with the taste of him, the feeling of him, the feeling of him thickly filling her mouth.  She climbed over the stick shift, straddling him and facing him, her arms around his neck for support.  He guided himself into her as she lowered her body onto him.  Andrea gasped as she took all of him, bucking slightly as he thrust into her.  He was overcome with passion and on the brink of exploding;  it didn’t take long before they both moaned and screamed with pleasure.  Bob sighed her name into her ear as Andrea bit into the fabric of his shirt to stop from yelling too loudly.

“Andrea,” he said.  “You’re a ball of fire.”

“You’re an incredible lover, Bob,” she purred into his ear, resting atop him as he relaxed beneath her.  “Don’t ever leave me.  Stay with me forever.  I want you, just you.”

“Just you,” Bob echoed.  Andrea slumped against him and then crawled back to her own seat.

“Just a little father,” she giggled.

“In a minute,” Bob laughed.

When Bob had recovered and buckled his pants again, they drove to the office.  It wasn’t long before Andrea began rubbing her hand along his thigh again.  She started whispering things to him – telling him how much she wanted and needed him, describing things they could do, things she wanted to do.  “You can do anything you want to me, Bob,” she told him.  “I trust you and want you to have me.  Any way you want me.”  She kept it up until they reached the office.  By then he was stiff as a board and ready to go again.

“Inside, inside,” she teased.  They walked through the parking lot, which was deserted because it was Sunday.  The offices were quiet.  Andrea let them in through a side door.  Bob followed her past closed doors and vacant cubicles, computers sitting dark on cluttered desks.  Several of the posters framed and mounted on the walls were enlarged cover art from Kimberly’s books.  Pirate Passion featured a man and a woman, both dressed as pirates with swords and pistols.  They looked curiously similar to Kimberly and Andrea’s brother, Bryon.  The woman, in any case, with her raven hair and perfect figure, could have been modeled on Kimberly.  Beneath all the pirate gear it was hard to tell if the male pirate was Bryon or any hunky guy.  Not that she could see her brother as “hunky.”  Kimberly seemed to, though.

They found Kimberly’s office without trouble.  The markers were in the desk.  A stack of Kimberly’s glossy photos sat next to it.

“Mission accomplished,” Andrea said.

“Not yet,” Bob whispered.  He put his hand on her bare shoulders and steered her into the adjacent room, a conference room dominated by a large table.

“Mmmm, yes, here,” Andrea nodded.  She hopped up onto the table.  Bob stood next to it and caught her, pushing her onto her stomach.

“It’s hard,” she whispered.

“It certainly is,” Bob laughed.  “Quiet.”  He slipped her blouse up over her head.  She gave it up without a struggle and wriggled out of her skirt as Bob pulled it off.  “You said whatever I wanted, however I wanted.”

“Yes, Bob. Anything.”