It doesn’t matter who you are.  Chances are good that if you’re a guy, no matter how much money you have, no matter how good looking you are, there are women you consider “too beautiful,” women who seem “out of your league.”  You have seen them at parties, at restaurants, in bars, and on the arms of other men.  You have seen them in the company of other beautiful women, as they tend to rove in packs (just as they tend to go to the bathroom in groups).  Sometimes, it is the individual beauty of a particularly stunning woman that discourages approach.  Sometimes it is the fact that she has friends.

A man, even a good-looking man who is relatively affluent, is always questioning his own value unless he is very confident in himself.  Even confident men always wonder if this might be the time they strike out.  The fact is that we are absolutely genetically wired to be thrown off our game by a very beautiful woman.  She speaks to everything we want.  In our very DNA is the code that says we will desire her.  Combine this with a killer dress, the way she smells, the way her hair falls just right on either side of her face, and you’ve got a killer combination that not only disrupts your concentration, but gets you thinking about all kinds of things, anything, except what you are trying to accomplish.

What, really, is the point of trying to strike up a conversation with a woman, after all?  It’s not like we’re still banging them over the head with clubs and dragging them back to our caves by their hair.  In fact, it was NEVER like that.  Women have always had the power in our society, even when they did not have “equal” rights.  That is because women, especially beautiful women, have what men want, what ALL men want if they are straight and healthy, and they have the ability to deny that to us.  I’m not talking about withholding sex, although throughout time there have been women who understood that sex was inherently valuable.

Some time back a bunch of scientists did a study.  They took a bunch of chimpanzees, male and female, and they taught them that by performing certain tasks that simulated work, they could earn credits in the form of a tangible disk, something that came to represent value, almost like a poker chip.  They were further taught that by trading in the disks to their human masters, they could earn things like food and trinkets that they liked.  The scientists were studying how economies worked and whether chimpanzees could or would have a concept of money or a medium of exchange.

A funny thing happened after a little while:  The female chimpanzees suddenly stopped working.  You can guess what happened.  They learned that they could trade sex to the male chimpanzees for the credit tokens that would get them food and toys.  They had learned what we call the “oldest profession” and they learned that they had something the males wanted.  So they just traded what the males wanted for what they wanted.  In the process they learned they had power, real power, over the rest of the group.  Think about that: The males could have turned violent and taken what they wanted.  But the fact is that a man or a male chimp doesn’t want a woman who is fighting him the whole time.  He wants to be wanted.  He wants a partner who wants him back.  And so women have always had power, from the beginning of time, and the knowledge of this is written into their own DNA.

So what does this have to do with striking up a conversation with a beautiful woman?  Well, a woman wants a man who can engage her mind, not just her body.  She may initially like you because you are handsome, if you are, but if that is ALL you are, it won’t be long before she loses interest.  The “boy toy” factor will only get you so far.

Being able to talk to a woman translates directly to confidence.  Do you know there are very beautiful woman who go into bars and end up feeling lonely and neglected?  There are some famous models and celebrities who will tell you that because most men think of those women as “out of their league,” they don’t bother to try at all! As a result, there are many men who could have a very memorable story, or an incredibly cool relationship, who don’t have it simply because they don’t have the courage to go up and talk to a woman.

Most men don’t strike up conversations with women because they are afraid of rejection.  Especially if she’s with her friends, they don’t want to walk up, get shot down, and then have to make this walk of shame away from a group of giggling hens.  Well, my friend, if you want to play the game, you’re going to have to get over that.  You’re going to have to learn to face your fears.  You’re going to have to go out on that limb and talk to women, because this is a numbers game.

Hiring an escort can help you get some of the practice you need.  The more time you spend in the company of a beautiful woman, the more likely you are to become comfortable talking to her and engaging her in conversation.  This can translate into very valuable practice that makes you much more able to engage women when it counts.  You can talk to women when you need to and not feel intimidated.  They, in turn, will see you as the capable man you are and can be.

Talking to women makes them understand that you are a man of value.  Value is what attracts women.  It is really that simple. Understand this and you unlock the code that is the mystery of the beautiful woman.