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Jasmine is like the flower she is named after: sweet, inviting, and unspoiled. This 23-year-old college student loves to have fun. She is always up to trying new things and loves to share adventures with handsome men. Whether you are a Chicago resident or visiting the city on business, Jasmine can show you the secrets of the city including letting you explore her sleek and youthful body as she brings you to the greatest heights of pleasure.

Jasmine has a sleek and classy look about her that makes it easy to take her to even the most sophisticated places when the two of you go out on a date. Once she is alone with you, though, she allows more of her fun-loving personality to shine through. Though she is definitely sweet like the smell of the flower that is her namesake, Jasmine is also a bit of a thrill seeker. She loves fast cars, high speed roller coasters and just about anything else that will set her adrenaline soaring.


Jasmine’s sweet smile also belies the fact that she hides a healthy dose of kink just below the surface. While this kinky side is not something that she trots out every time she is escorting, Jasmine is definitely willing to explore it as an option if you want her to do so. With pretty much equal doses of nice and naughty, this Chicago Babe is a popular companion whose reputation often precedes her, causing her schedule to book up rather quickly. If she strikes your fancy, give her a call today to reserve your spot with her.

“I love being able to wander around a college campus, blending in with all the normal girls,” she says. “The girls, they don’t always notice, but the guys always do. You can’t look like me and expect to fly under the radar when you are surrounded by twenty something year old men. But I love that they circle me like sharks. I’ll sit in the campus center sometime, or a cafe near campus, and just watch them start to orbit me, wondering how they’re going to make their approach, wondering how they’ll break the ice. Sometimes they use lame pickup lines and other attempts on me, and I’ve seen all the same videos online. I know how that drill is supposed to work. It doesn’t work with me, but I don’t hold it against them.”

“I think, in fact,” she adds, “that if I could change anything about the way the world works, that would be it. Men are taught early on that if they make even one mistake where women are concerned, that’s it. One mistake and they’re bad people who don’t deserve love, or something. I can’t see treating a man with that kind of stress, can you? Women certainly couldn’t meet that standard. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody makes a lot of mistakes, in fact. So why is it we hold men to this ridiculous standard where one bad pickup line disqualifies them forever from talking to a woman? Isn’t she a human being? Isn’t she capable of understanding too? I like to think we would all benefit with more understanding in the world.”

She goes on, “One of the reasons I love fast cars is that I love the feeling of power. Anything with an engine, anything I can feel vibrating or throbbing… that’s a good time. I love to feel like I’m strapped to this rocket and barely in control of what’s happening. It’s the element of risk. I like to be thrilled. There’s a difference between thrilled and scared. Roller coasters are thrill rides, not scare rides. You want to simulate what it’s like to be afraid, but you don’t ever actually want to be in fear for your life. I think if we learned better about just how to tell the difference between thrills and fear, we could all accomplish more. That’s because it is fear that holds you back. Fear is what stops you from accomplishing your goals.”

“I like to believe I live fearlessly,” she says. “That’s harder for some girls than others to say, I guess. And you can say it and not mean it. But I think you’ve got to embrace challenge and change in life. And that means you can’t be afraid. You can’t ever have fear. When those fears come, you just have to acknowledge that you know the risks and you are embracing them. Whatever comes after that is just what you are dealing with. It’s just how life shakes out. Embrace it and prepare for what’s coming.”