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Incredible June is the kind of woman who always has to be in motion. She never slows down and she hates to be bored. She wakes up every day, she tells us, full of anticipation for the adventures she is about to have. This makes her an ideal girl for the world of escorting, where every day brings with it the potential for new and exciting adventures with new and even more exciting people. June is, after all, a people person, and the things that make her so popular with her friends and those close to her are the qualities that make her a favorite among the ranks of our escorts. June is a very personable young lady who knows how essential it is to be extremely friendly. She believes in being welcoming and in being as warm and inviting as possible. That ability to make people comfortable, to relax them, to put them at ease, is the trait she is best known for. June will take any man who might be nervous about going out with escort for the first time and show him that the best time of his life is at hand. When you let June take you by the hand and lead you into her world, you’ll never want to leave. June is a sexy little smoke-show who can hold her own against any beautiful lady, but who prefers the company of men. She’s a great deal of fun and she knows how to please. June is, in other words, the perfect Chicago Babe, and she’ll tell anyone who will listen how lucky she feels to be living her life as an escort.

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“I wake up every day to party,” she says. “Every girl loves to have fun, and I’m no exception. But not every girl has the chance to make her choice of lifestyle the way she also makes a living. It isn’t lost on me that I have this incredible opportunity to enjoy myself, an opportunity that most women don’t get and never will. I can party and pay my bills by partying. I can have a new thing every day, a new fun adventure. I can meet new people every day and get to know them. And the best part is, because some of my clients become repeat clients, it’s like I’m making new friends every day… friends who share my love of going out and partying, and who are always willing to pay my way so that we can have the most possible fun together. This is absolutely the life for me. This is better than I ever would have thought it possible for life to be. And I owe it all to Chicago Babes, because they’ve made all this possible for me and for the men I go out with.

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