When it’s finally time to take your lady out on the town, it doesn’t matter if you’ve hired an escort or you’re taking out a lady who saw you in the company of one.  Hiring escorts is all about increasing your value in the eyes of women.  When a woman sees you out with another woman, and if that woman is beautiful and stylish, it sets a standard.  It tells everyone who sees you that you’re the sort of person a beautiful woman would want to be with.  This increases your value and makes you the kind of guy that women want.  They may not even really understand what it is about you that they want; they just know that, if that other woman is with you, there must be a reason she wants to be with you.

So eventually you’ll be out with a beautiful woman on your arm.  It doesn’t matter if that woman is an escort or a “regular” woman.  Every woman wants to be treated right, treated to a good time, and there are many right ways to do that.  There are also many wrong ways, and that’s the subject of this particular post.  You don’t want to be one of those guys who becomes an obnoxious horror story that she tells her friends about long after the date is over.

It turns out there are lots of those types of guys out there, the kind of guys that, even though you don’t intend to make trouble, you just might run the risk of becoming.  So when you’re out on the town for a date with your lovely lady, whether she’s an escort or she’s somebody you met somewhere along the way, avoid becoming one of the following guys on a date:

Mister Too Much Information

Look, a girl likes some mystery in her life.  When you’re out on a date with your lady, you should be asking her questions.  You should be finding out things about her.  You should be encouraging her to talk about herself, not just because women like to talk about themselves and this will make your date go well, but because it helps you maintain an aura of mystery.  Women like to think of a man as a puzzle. They like to wonder about him.  More importantly, whatever she is imagining in her head about you is probably going to be a lot more interesting than anything you can come up with.  that’s just human nature.

Some guys get nervous and start talking too much.  Other guys let it all hang out when they are on a date, or they get excited and start talking about themselves, but either way, they reveal too much.  All it takes is one blunder and you can watch the shutters come down in her eyes.  If she writes you off mentally during the date, you’ll have to work very hard to get her to give you another shot, and the chances of that happening are slim.

When you’re out on a date, keep your mouth shut.  Remember that old saying, that it’s better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it? Well, that applies here too.  Be the silent man of mystery.  Quiet men are often seen of as stronger and more confident.  You don’t have to run your mouth all the time.

Mister Control

I’ve never understood why some women seem to think it’s cool when a man orders dinner for her.  Yes, women want a guy who’ll take charge, who’ll lead, who’ll be confident enough that he’s not wishy-washy, But no woman wants to feel like she’s being bullied or being treated like property.  You can’t take charge so much that you seem to be pushing her around, and whatever you do, don’t act like you know what she’s thinking.  Even if you think you do, you are probably going to be wrong. That’s how women are.

Mister Wishy Washy

This is the opposite side of Mister Control.  No woman wants to be with a limp-wristed wimp who doesn’t have opinions.  You’ve got to be willing to take a stand, to take a side, to have an opinion about something.  Trust me, even if she disagrees with you (and that is why some men try not to have opinions, so they won’t run the risk of offending a date by having a contrary opinion), it’s better to disagree than it is not to have an opinion at all.  If she thinks she can push you around, she won’t respect you as a man, and she’ll just get more and more contemptuous of you the longer you act that way.

Mister Slob

Nothing turns off a woman faster than showing up looking sloppy and unkempt.  You don’t have to be Mister Sharp Dressed Man to wow her.  You don’t have to be Don Draper from Mad Men, walking around in a tailored suit and looking like a million bucks.  However, you DO have to remember to take care of yourself, to wear clean clothes that aren’t stained or damaged, to take basic caution with your appearance, and not look like a slob.  You don’t ever want to show up looking like you slept in your clothes, and if you need a haircut, the time to get it is before your date, not later.

Mister Hairy Monster

Look, guys are hairy.  That’s a fact.  The average guy is going to have hair in places he doesn’t want it, and he’s going to lose it in places he would rather not lose it.  You need to make sure you trim back that hair.  You should never, ever have hair growing out of your ears, or hanging down out of your nose.  Trim that unibrow section between your eyebrows, and when you shave for your date, do a neat job.  Don’t leave hairs on your upper cheeks or on the back of your neck.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a great night out… or at least you’ll be less likely to mess it up.