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With her exotic good looks, full and creamy breasts and slim waist, Ella is an enchanting companion. Her dark tresses have red highlights that bring out her dark almond brown eyes. Petite in stature, Ella has a sparkling personality that she really lets loose in the bedroom. Quiet and reserved when out on your arm, she unleashes her fiery personality traits fully only when the two of you are alone in your hotel room.

Ella is the type of lady who seeks out new adventures to add to her experiences. She is very discreet and knows how to treat a man, both in private and out in public. Our clients are able to enjoy the many benefits of choosing to spend time with Ella. In addition to having the opportunity to enjoy her gorgeous body, our clients can also relax under the skilled touch of Ella’s fingers.


A confirmed bisexual, Ella is a great escort to choose if you want to explore your fantasies of having two women to do your bidding. Ella is also a patient teacher who loves to take nervous first timers under her wing to provide them with both guidance and reassurance. Her bubbly personality and cheerful outlook on life make her one of our most popular escorts. Come and see why Ella always gets rave reviews from all of the men who have had the pleasure of her company and give her a call today.

“I couldn’t choose between women and men,” Ella admits. “There’s just so much about both of them that is so great. On the one hand, there are men. Men are masculine and strong. They enclose you in their big arms and you feel safe. You put yourself up against a man’s chest and feel his heartbeat and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. A man is this unique creature. He’s the thing that makes the world go around. He’s so different, and he has all the right things to make me feel all the right things. I love men in all shapes and sizes. I know they say that both men and women have a type, and I guess for most people, that’s true, but I have never been that way. I don’t have any one type. I think if you tell yourself, ‘this man is right for me, but this man could never be right for me,’ you are artificially limiting yourself. Why would you erect those roadblocks? It’s hard enough to find somebody. I think that when you have the chance to explore a man, you should go for it, no matter who he is. And I love the expression on a guy’s face when I tell him he has a shot with me and he doesn’t think he should. They get so delightfully confused. It’s a good feeling.”

She goes on, “Women, on the other hand… I could never give up women either. As much as I like men, women are too much fun. A woman is soft and sensual. I love the feeling of my body pressed up against hers, of all this familiar landscape that is at once mine and alien. I love to be close to women because they know just how to make you feel good. After all, who better to pleasure a woman than someone who knows how a woman feels? When my lips and my tongue are up against a woman’s mouth, I can’t help but be turned on. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers. I’m always happy when one of our clients books me with another girl. I love working with my fellow sexy escorts. A lot of the mare more than happy to do the bisexual thing too. And when we all get together, when we all get close, some wonderful things happen. It’s like all these opportunities for limitless adventure open up. I think that’s pretty special.”

Ella loves being with someone who is eager to explore who she is. “Who doesn’t love opening up about themselves?” she asks. “That’s just another fringe benefit of this job. It is really pleasurable to me. When a man takes my hand that first time, and I feel that spark of electricity between us, there is nothing I will find as magical as that moment. I wish I could hug the whole world when that happens. It’s this sensation that just washes over me. Always has.”