Sexy Isla was once an amateur fetish model, so she is used to getting somewhat unique “asks” from her clients. She absolutely adores her naked body.  She also enjoys sporting events on television and pay per view, especially boxing.  Most of all she is happy to be a doing her job and pleasing her clients. And she is proud to be part of such a diverse team of incredibly sexy girls.

“If I’m not what you’re looking for, that you’ll look at all our other listings of escorts and consider, really carefully, all of the sexy girls who share these pages,” she says. “We really want to make you happy. I mean, just look at all the gorgeous women here on the site. Yes, we’re all really good looking, and each one of us has something a little different that we offer you. We know that you have different tastes than your friends. We realize that I might be your bag, or I might not be. Every man has different tastes, and that’s totally okay. Chicago Babes and I know that while it’s fun to go out on a date with a sexy lady, it’s even more fun if the lady you’re with has the qualities that you personally prefer. I hope that you’ll choose me, but there are reasons you might go with someone else. For example, there isn’t a guy in the world who isn’t going to enjoy being able to say he’s got a gorgeous blonde hanging on his arm for the night. But maybe you prefer brunettes, and maybe you like redheads. Maybe you like a girl with a huge, round rear end. Maybe you like a nice big rack. Maybe you prefer a more petite figure. I think I’m pretty damned sexy, but I may not be the one to really get you going, and I’m all right with that… as long as you pick one of my fellow teammates to help give you the night of your life, take you out, show you the town, and make sure you have a good time.”

Isla is happy to talk about her time modeling. “When I was a fetish model, I got really used to different things.  I never judge anyone for what turns them on. If I’ve learned anything in this crazy world, it’s that we all have our kinks, and we can’t always explain them. Not only that, but we would be crazy to think that any of us is above having them. You know when some politician or celebrity is revealed for liking something a little unusual, because maybe somebody talked who should not have, or some hooker or other sex worker, or maybe a trusted employee or former lover, betrayed them? Well, that kind of thing plays well in the media. We like to think that celebrities are just like us and deep down we enjoy it when they get themselves into trouble. I can understand that. But I try never to take any pleasure in somebody else’s misfortune. It’s not worth it. It’s wrong to be cruel to someone like that, for one thing. And that’s what it is. It’s cruelty, because it’s a total act of hypocrisy to get down on someone for their kinks when you know darn well that you have them yourself. I think we would all be pretty surprised to learn that the people around us like various things that some of us think are really deviant… and that others of us like. You, as a son, might be surprised to learn that maybe you have some of the same kinks as your father, and so on. I’m not saying it necessary runs in the family. I’m just saying that there isn’t anybody who doesn’t have at least some kinkiness to him or to her. It’s just how these things go. It’s how the whole system works, the human system, so to speak. We all have our vulnerabilities. So giving any one of us grief over them, no matter how weird, that just should never be done. It’s not going to work.”

Isla admits that she adores her own naked body. “I love the nude female body,” she says. “I’m completely comfortable with my own. I could just lie in front of a full length mirror, preferably in front of a pool, all day long and look at myself. Have you ever gone to those lovers’ resorts before, the kind of place that has the big round beds, the heart-shaped hot tubs, and the little pools in the rooms? I just love places like that because they are nothing but nests for intimacy. I think we don’t spend enough time being intimate as human beings, and it’s wonderful that there are places in the world that are kind of reserved for just that. I love a good chance to get down and dirty, sure, but what I really like is the chance to get close to someone. I really like to get to know them, and to figure out what makes them tick. When I can get close to someone like that, I feel like I’m not only doing what I was born to do, but also that I’m demonstrating that I have both skill and value. That’s really important to me. Every girl likes to feel like she is a person of value, and every human being derives the most satisfaction from being good at something and being able to do it, preferable for others to see, experience, and notice. Well, I excel at being an escort, and I want you to notice. I want you to appreciate me. And I want us to really be able to get to know each other. Let’s not waste any more time than has already passed. Life is short and you owe yourself the experience of a lifetime. Come and make your booking with us, and soon we’ll be able to get together, spend time together, and really start changing things for the better for you.”