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If you are looking for the blonde girl next-door type, Cameron fits the bill exactly. Statuesque at 5’6″, she is perfectly proportioned with a body that just never seems to tire of having fun with you. Equally as comfortable in a cocktail dress as she is in her birthday suit, Cameron is always willing to be taught those special ways of pleasing you. She really loves to give men a whole body experience by using every inch of her own in the process.

Without a shy bone in her young and supple body, Cameron has never met a stranger. She instantly puts everyone at ease, making her the ideal choice if it is your first time hiring an escort. Eager, experienced and enchanting, Cameron is a charming escort that you will simply love. She is exuberant about everything life has to offer her. Always a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, Cameron has a big personality crammed into her slender body. She loves to meet new people; especially men who really appreciate her so give us a call now and schedule a date with her. She’s waiting for you!


As a small town girl raised right outside of Chicago, Cameron always knew that her heart belonged to the city. Even though she frequently took trips to the city while she was growing up, she was not able to fully experience city life until she moved there as an adult. Attending a small community college nearby, Cameron has fully blossomed since she got her own apartment. Her vivacious personality means she always has a big smile on her face as she eagerly meets life at full speed each day.

“I love being mistaken for the shy girl next door,” Cameron says. “There’s something about the surprise on a man’s face when he realizes he’s got a wild child on his hands. It’s comical and romantic and fun all at the same time. When I take a man’s hand in mine, when we make eye contact, maybe even when we kiss, I like to whisper to him, ‘I’m not innocent. Not even a little. It’s fun to be seen as the innocent girl. It’s fun to be able to pretend to be someone you’re not, even for a little while. To be honest I think that is the foundation of all fantasy play, and all role play, and all fetish play. People love to enjoy themselves as themselves, but they also, on occasion, like to step outside of themselves. We all love to play a role.”

She goes on, “That’s one of the reasons I like Halloween so much. Halloween is a chance for not just you, but everybody else to dress up and go out and have fun pretending to be somebody new. More than the chance to pretend, for myself, I like the atmosphere of all those other people being happy at once. I think I’m a very giving person, and I prefer for the people surrounding me to be happy if at all possible. That seems very natural to me. Do you feel the same way? Do you want those around you to be happy? I hope you do. That’s the only thing that matters in life, to me, is making people happy. That’s also the only thing you’ll do in this world that you can take with you when you go. You can take with you the memory of the people who you were nice to, and the people you made happy.”

Cameron adds, “With a body like this, I absolutely can’t afford to be shy about it. If you had a Ferrari you wouldn’t hide it in the garage under a car cover, and I definitely want to use what I’ve got while I’ve got the opportunity to do so. A girl like me, I have the ability to make a man happy just by being close to him. It never escapes me what a big deal that is. Can you imagine making someone’s day better just by being there? Just by showing up? That’s the day to day gratification that is being a Chicago escort. That’s why I love it so much.”

Cameron concludes, “It’s just icing on the cake that every day, I’m out partying. Every day I’m having fun. I wake up and I never know exactly what’s in store, but I know it’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be exciting, and it’s going to be an adventure. Being able to count on that adventure, to know that is what is coming the next day, is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s the perfect life.”