“On your hands and knees, up on the table.”

She did as he commanded.  Bob ran his hands across her body, caressing her breasts, sliding his palms across every inch of her.  She began moaning softly, the heat building within her.  Bob took his fingers and began exploring her from above and below.  Her knees trembled but he made her stay on all fours.

“Please, Bob!”

“Not yet.”  He seemed pleased with himself as if paying her back for their delicious parking session.  She finally could stand it no longer and collapsed on the hard table top, Bob’s fingers still driving her to grind against his hand.

He pulled her to him, her body sliding across the polished surface of the table.  She was delirious from desire and could only whisper as he unbuckled his jeans once more, his manhood at once erect and pressing into her from behind.  He pulled her up to meet him and entered her, thrusting deep between her legs.  Her whole body shook.  They began moving together, Bob standing at the end of the conference table, Andrea splayed across its surface on her stomach.  She gripped the sides of the table and rode him to a wondrous climax, sweat beading on the sides of her face and at the small of her back.

Bob withdrew as he shuddered to his own release, covering her with his love and his lust.  He slumped into the nearest chair, running a hand across the back of Andrea’s thigh.

“Andrea,” he said, flushed and happy.  “You’re incredible.”

Andrea whimpered something he could hear, a smile on her face.


Half an hour later they had cleaned up using the office bathroom and were on their way out of the office.  Andrea’s hair was ruffled, but she looked gorgeous anyway.  Bob carried a small cardboard box containing the photos and the markers.  Andrea followed lazily, smiling widely and happier than she’d been in a long time.

Bob opened the trunk and placed the box inside.  He removed a blanket from the trunk.

“We should have a picnic,” he announced.  Andrea laughed.  “We don’t have any food.”

“I’ll just have dessert, then,” Bob grinned, draping the blanket over the hood of the car.

“You’re the expert on chocolate,” Andrea said.

“And you’re the expert on sex in parking lots,” Bob told her.  “Come here.”  His eyes were fiery.

“Again?  Bob, you’re… you’re insatiable!”  She giggled and put her hands on the hood against the blanket.  “Was I speeding, officer?  Should I ‘spread ‘em?’  Isn’t that what cops say when they pull you over?”

Bob looked around.  There was no one nearby; the parking lot was sheltered by trees and not close to any houses or shops.  Anyone could drive up at any moment… but he didn’t care.  All he saw was Andrea and Andrea’s perfect bare bottom as she pulled her skirt up yet again and stretched languidly across the hood of her car.

Bob went to her, turned her to face him.  He kissed her passionately, his hands on the sides of her face, breathing her in and enjoying the scent of her.  She moaned deep in her throat, pulling at his buckle yet again and freeing his stiffening member from his jeans.

He’d be exhausted tonight, he imagined, but he didn’t care.  He lifted her up and took her again, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck.  She closed her eyes and whispered to him, telling him she loved him.  Something about being outside, in public, where anyone could catch them at any moment, made it even better.  Andrea had fantasized about sex like this, but had never been brave enough to do it outside.

Bob had never considered it — but he didn’t care about that.  He wanted only to be with her, to be in her and pressed against her and licking her and kissing her and drowning in her beautiful eyes, her lips pressed against his neck, his face, his chest…  With a moan he climaxed, driving her to her own orgasm yet again.  The two of them rested against the blanket, completely spent, smiles on their faces and bliss in their hearts.

The ride back to the convention center was uneventful.  Bob drove the way he felt — slowly, casually, happily.  Andrea held his hand when he wasn’t shifting.  The two of them spent a great deal of time talking, mostly about things they might like to do together.  They planned dates for the week.

“We could go to the zoo, or the park,” Andrea suggested.  “Someplace peaceful and fun.”

“I was thinking maybe a museum,” Bob offered.

“You mean someplace we could have sex in public.”

“Well…”  They laughed.

“Bob,” Andrea said, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“That’s not a silly question,” Bob said thoughtfully, “because I know why you asked it.  But you shouldn’t have to.  Andrea, you’re the hottest woman I think I’ve ever seen.  You have a gorgeous face, a perfect body… I’ve always thought you were beautiful,” Bob told her.  “Every time you came into the shop with Ellen, it drove me crazy.  I figured I’d have to fight an army of guys just for the chance to get turned down by you.”

“Why didn’t you ask me out?”

“I thought about it.  I guess I was just afraid to spoil it.  If you said know, I wouldn’t be able to dream anymore when you stopped by.  Or you might have stopped coming by at all.  I think I’d rather have you in the shop and be able to daydream about you than not have you come by at all.  My employees teased me about it.  They saw me watching you whenever you came in.  Then you’d leave and start thinking about you again after you were gone.  I never got any work done when you came into the shop, not for the rest of the day.”

“Is the real thing as good as the daydream?”

“Better,” Bob smiled.


Back at the convention center, the crowd was as heavy as before.  Fortunately, Kimberly had managed to keep her last marker going until they returned.  She looked relieved when they turned up.

“That took longer than I would have thought,” Kimberly said when they returned.  Bob presented the cardboard box to Stephani.  Andrea returned Kimberly’s key.

“We had…” she began, then blushed.

“Car trouble?” Kimberly asked.  As relaxed as the two of them looked, she thought she knew what had been going on.

“No,” Bob said.  “I think it’s safe to say we didn’t have any trouble with the car at all.”