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Rose’s tumbling blonde curls fall to her tiny waist, making her appear delicate and almost doll-like. Freshly legal at only 21, this Chicago escort is really enjoying her freedom of being able to hit all the city’s hottest nightspots. A serious dollop of kink is hidden behind her sweetly innocent looks and Rose is forever eager to rev things up in the bedroom as well as out. She loves to hear how satisfied her companion is so be sure to share your pleasure!

Rose thrives on the thrill and excitement of being an escort in Chicago. She loves to flirt and make her date feel like he is the only one in the room. She loves meeting new people and cannot wait until you call her to schedule a date with her. Even though Rose looks like an angel with her long wavy blonde hair, her sweet and tight little butt and her large eyes, there is definitely a wild child lurking just under the surface. An avid bicyclist who loves to work her body so that she stays in tip-top shape, Rose enjoys staying active dancing as well.


With her freshly scrubbed, girl next door looks, Rose is a popular pick for those men who are looking for a wild escort. She recently went on her first motorcycle ride and while she admits that it is very different from riding her beloved bicycle, Rose really loved feeling the thrum of the powerful motor beneath her. She is just now beginning to explore the wild side of life in Chicago and is pretty eager to be shown the city’s more colorful side. Even though she is still barely legal, Rose has racked up quite a following with those men who hire escorts as she is requested often by our clients.

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“It’s way better to go out with me than to go out with a non-professional girl. I am not like those ordinary girls, not at all. The average girl doesn’t know how to keep herself up. She doesn’t know how to take care of herself. She’s too busy telling everyone how comfortable she is with her ‘curves,’ redefining the definition of ‘curves” and just basically making excuses for getting fat and gross. I am superior to girls like that. My fellow Chicago escorts and I will blow you away when you compare us to what is out there, professional and non-professional alike. We are the best in Chicago. We have the sexiest, most sophisticated, most professional girls working with me. We have the most resources. Our company is the best that Chicago has to offer.”

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