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Magnificent May is a sensuous girl who is defined by how in touch she is with her body, her sensuality, and her willingness to try new things. She is the kind of woman who’ll spend hours just looking at her own nude form, running her hands across her skin under the shower or admiring herself when she looks at a mirror. May is the kind of lady who fills the fantasy lives of most men, young and old. She’s exactly the kind of woman that they dream about. She’s also a no-nonsense lady who believes in getting down to business and who hates to waste time. That’s really what May is all about: Cutting to the chase and making sure that nothing is wasted along the way. She’s a queen of efficiency, sure, but she’s also fun, exciting, and a little bit unpredictable. She thinks that her unpredictability is part of what makes her so much fun.

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“Have you ever played a game with the cheat codes?” May asks. “It’s fun for a while. You get to feel like you can’t lose. You enjoy the easy victories. You play around. But after a while, those easy victories start to feel boring. When something is too easy, you lose interest in it quickly. When something is a sure thing, you start to take it for granted. Well, I think the same thing is true for women. When a woman is a can’t lose sure thing, when she’s totally predictable, when nothing about her ever changes, then what reason do you have to care about her? Why wouldn’t you take her for granted? I think a woman has to be able to challenge you a little bit. She has to be unpredictable. She has to able to bring something interesting and a little bit exciting and maybe even a little bit scary to the exchange. You know, the sexiest girls are the ones who make you just a little bit afraid. They’re the ones who love adventure above all else. They’re the ones you can count on to challenge you and make you feel what it is to be on the edge of your seat. Don’t live an ordinary life. Date an extraordinary woman. I can be that woman.”

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