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Alice is a recent transplant to the windy city having grown up in a small town some distance away. Her exotic and provocative looks made her instantly popular as she set about realizing her dream of becoming a model and an actress. She loves honing her skills at both acting and modeling with her friends. Modeling for you will give Alice valuable insight into what she can do to put her best assets forward.
As an escort, Alice thinks she has the best of both worlds. She is able to meet so many wonderful men while also getting to see more of Chicago. She loves to dress up and go out to dinner at one of the city’s many authentic restaurants and clubs. Alice has a calm and unflappable personality. There is not much that will faze this girl since she has seen and done it all. Never the type of girl to stay at home, Alice likes to get out with her friends and listen to music while dancing with them at the newest dance clubs in the city.
While Alice stayed in shape riding horses while she was growing up, she finds such opportunities lacking in the big city. She regularly seeks out other ways of staying in shape and loves to work out with a partner. Easily bored when it comes to exercise, Alice thrives on routines that combine the tried and true exercise strategies such as jogging and swimming with trendier items like naked yoga and tantric yoga.
“Staying in shape is very important to me,” she admits, “so I work on it a lot. I know that there’s that one pretty talk show host who is famous for her legs.
Her legs are insured, which I guess means if she gets hurt or scarred and can’t work, she gets an insurance policy pay out? I’ve never quite understood how that is supposed to work. What I do know is that my body is what enables me to do what I do. It’s what makes me valuable. A Chicago escort is judged by how attractive she is. It’s what gets you in the door, so to speak. When a man looks at my profile and compares it to the others, he’s looking at what I have to say and what my interests are, sure, but he’s also looking at my body. He’s asking himself if his preferences and his desires line up with what I’ve got to offer. And it’s a lot more likely that I’ll have that going on for him if I stay hot. I can’t afford to get fat, and I can’t let myself go. I’ve got to be put together every day. And you know what? I love it. I wouldn’t want it to be different. It’s not sexist for me to want to be sexy. It’s not sexist for my clients to want me to be that way either.”
Alice continues, “Women who let themselves get soft and flabby aren’t just letting down the men in their lives,” she says. “Sure, they aren’t as valuable and they can’t work as escorts, but it’s about the beauty they are letting be extinguished. A sexy girl is a prize who makes everyone happy. A sexy girl who lets herself get fat and ugly is a failure. She has let her light go out. She has said to the world, ‘I know this makes me valuable, and I don’t care.’ I found a gallery of pictures on the Internet the other day. It was nothing but famous hot girls who got fat and ugly. It broke my heart to look at it, all those great girls who ended up not looking good, and it didn’t have to be that way. Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between aging gracefully and aging poorly? It’s not all genetics. It’s not even some genetics. It has to do mostly with how you treat yourself and how you keep yourself up. If you take care of your body, if you work out and work on yourself, the rest will take care of itself.”
Alice concludes, “That’s why I haunt the gym. That’s why I put myself through everything I put myself through to stay hot and sexy and nubile.
Every man wants a pretty girl and It’s my obligation to stay that way, and be the girl that Makes every Man’s Dirty “lil” Dream cum … True ! 💋