Ashley is a sexy lady who can give a man a thrill. She loves to socialize with her friends.  She was a cheerleader in high school, like so many girls, but thinks actually that being a woman is much more important than being a starry-eyed girl. She loves how her experience makes her handy with men. She adores pleasing her dates. In her spare time she likes to make different finds in thrift shops. She has some very involved thoughts on the nature of the escort business and of the adult entertainment industry.

“It probably sounds silly, she says, “and I know that strictly speaking what we do, isn’t a sex service, but it doesn’t matter. When you hook up beautiful, sexy girls with men who want to spend time with them, you’re going to get added in to the adult industry and adult entertainment even if you would rather use a different description. What’s great about working here, though, is I think we offer a type of service that is much more satisfying than some of the other forms of ‘adult entertainment out there. For example, a lot of people, when they think of ‘adult entertainment,’ think of porn. What we do here isn’t really comparable to porn, but there is a similar element, because that kind of thing involves men looking at women who they otherwise wouldn’t see. But porn simply can’t give you what you really need as a person. This means that pornography will always fail to gratify you and satisfy you on some fundamental level. No matter what you are looking at, even if you pick out something that is every bit as specialized as your own most thrilling fantasies and deepest desires, it isn’t a human being you can talk to. It isn’t personal contact. It isn’t even the hope of meeting a woman like me, like going out and dating, with the possibility of love or sex at the end of a night. It is just moving pictures on your monitor, and that’s just not satisfying. It is just a recording that will play whether you are looking at it or you’re not. When you get tired of that kind of passive entertainment, then it just makes sense that you’ll move on, and you’ll be looking to interact with an actual human being. You might try something like phone sex, but that’s no better. It isn’t a real person talking to you. I mean, it is, but it’s all about fantasies, and none of it will ever become real. She’s on a phone far away, and so are you, and the two of you are never going to get together. It’s all pretend. The person you are talking to could be in the same city as you are, could be somewhere far across the country, or could even be in another nation entirely using an international calling line or the Internet. In some cases the person you are talking to looks nothing like she says she does, and that may even be in most or all cases. A few of those women aren’t even really women, but actually men with high pitched voices or men using voice changing devices or software. Is that really what you want? Will that really hold your interest, doing a bunch of dirty talk with an anonymous stranger who you’ll never be able to confirm she is who she says she is? What you should do, instead, is find a sexy escort. It’s my job to give you a real experience. When you go out with me, we go and hit the town, and you get to spend your time in the company of a real-life woman, a sexy and beautiful real-life woman who can hold your hand, touch your cheek, and make the people around you jealous of you. Can a recording do that? Can a video hold your hand? There is just no substitute for the real thing. I can give you the night of your life. I can give you incredible memories.  I am in the business of building memories and I am very excited to do so. Give me the chance to do that with you and for you, and you won’t regret it. As a woman,  can say that I’ve learned a lot since college. Girls in college are pretty, vibrant, and fun, but they need to actually get with the program that is the real world. A lot of younger girls tend to be just too starry eyed, too idealistic. They say that you can be an idealist or you can be a realist. The difference between the two is usually that something bad happened to disillusion the idealist. While I hate the thought of somebody sweet and innocent having something bad happen to them to turn them cynical, I don’t think recognizing reality is the same, necessarily or automatically, as becoming cynical. If you’re a doe-eyed girl who thinks the world is a romantic place where nothing bad can happen to her, you obviously need to upgrade your sense of reality a little. But you’re allowed to retain your sense of fun and wonder. You don’t have to become a stick in the mud.  I’ve had enough experience in this business that I know how to please a man. I know how to listen to him and understand what he needs. I can give him the kind of service that makes him want to come back for another booking. That’s important in an industry like this. I care about my clients. I will do anything to continue fulfilling my assignments well, living this party lifestyle, and enjoying myself on a regular basis. To me, that all goes hand in hand. It’s all part of the same package.”

Ashley is eager to meet you and to show you a great night on the town. Give us a call today and book with Ashley. You won’t regret it, and you’ll build the memory of a lifetime.