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Carol’s sultry good looks give a nod of recognition to her Latino roots. Passionate, fiery, adventurous and uninhibited, Carol loves to try new things, both in the bedroom and out. She knows how to treat a man like a king and always puts his needs before her own. She loves to let her long fingers run all up and down a man’s body simply because she loves everything about men. Role-playing is one of Carol’s favorite activities to get things heated up in the bedroom.

Carol is an aspiring model who moved to Chicago to try to get a break into the industry. With a distinctive style that accentuates all of her best features, Carol’s perfect breasts and long tumbling brunette hair makes her a popular escort. Carol loves to wear the latest trendy fashions and always looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. Each day when she wakes up, Carol heads to the gym so that she can keep her lithe and lean body in the best shape it can be.


A true man’s woman, Carol loves to touch her man everywhere. From his broad chest and strong arms to the way the hair on his stomach disappears enticingly below, Carol aims to bring her man intense waves of intimate pleasure each time they are together. She is equally at ease nestled on the couch with you as she is dining in the city’s finest restaurants. No matter what you have planned or your level of experience, Carol is the escort to choose if you want to have an unforgettable evening.

“A lot of people have kind of a distorted idea of what modeling is all about,” Carol explains. “I did too, when I first got started with it. I think people believe that modeling is just all about being the pretty girl. You go to these exotic locations, you wear a series of incredibly stunning outfits, everyone treats you like a princess, and it’s just a great little vacation where you are the center of attention and everyone caters to you. I always thought, if I made into modeling, that this is what my life would be like. But the reality is considerably different. Now, I’m not complaining. It’s not like modeling is hard work. But it’s a lot harder than people think it is. There is a lot of physical discomfort alone that you have to deal with, just because of the nature of the industry. I think most people aren’t aware of that, and almost every aspiring model I have ever talked to complained about exactly the same thing. It’s the whole summer and winter thing.”

Carol goes on, “You see, to make sure that catalogs and collections and whatever are ready for the reasons that people shop for, you have to be early. But the catalogs or flyers or circulars, they come out early as it is, and you have to allow time for them to be made and for the photographs to be taken. What does that means for me, the model? Well it means that when I am busy getting my picture taking, I’m often dressed for summer when it’s winter, and when it’s winter, I’m dressed for summer. So that means I’ll be wearing winter clothes and trying not to sweat through them during the heat of the summer, maybe even surrounded by fake snow. And I might be shivering to death in as string bikini on a beautiful sunny beach, trying not to let it show on my face how could I am, because it’s fifty degrees outside.”

“I suppose I can’t complain about the cold when it’s like that,” she says, “at least not here in Chicago. We get some truly brutal winters here. That’s when I like to be snuggled up with someone under the covers. I love to be able to hide from the world when it’s cold outside. And more than anything I love how it feels when I get close to someone. That’s why I like my job so much. I love to meet new clients and explore who they are. I love to get close to new people. When you think about it, I am afforded a fantastic opportunity as part of being a Chicago escort, something most ordinary people don’t ever get to do. I take advantage of that unique opportunity every day.”

Carol concludes, “I love being a girl. I love being a sexy woman. I wouldn’t change any of it. Every man who goes out with me is giving me that wonderful, unique opportunity.”