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If you want a companion that has curves that just won’t quit, Monique is the one to choose. This lovely brunette has firm breasts that accentuate her slim waist, curvy hips and long legs. Classy and poised, this Chicago babe is one that exudes a lady-like presence while out in public. Once she is alone with you though, a whole different side of Monique emerges. She likes to engage in a bit of naughty behavior that is sure to set your adrenaline racing.

A Chicago native, Monique is a big baseball fan. We will not reveal her favorite team here but if you love to talk baseball, you will find that Monique is easy to talk to. While she is not as passionate about other sports as she is about baseball, Monique does love all sports and is quite knowledgeable about them all. When she is with a man, Monique loves to make him feel like a king. Starting with a relaxing massage and then moving on to what makes him feel most relaxed, her caring nature and bubbly personality have made Monique one of our most popular Chicago babes.


With her large and luminous eyes, luscious lips and long slender fingers, Monique is highly experienced in delivering the ultimate pleasure to those men who are lucky enough to spend some time with her. A shameless bisexual, Monique is able to appreciate all the finer things that are available in the female package while also enjoying all your male attributes as well. If you have always wanted to have two lovely women at your sides, Monique is the perfect lady to ask for a recommendation of the perfect Chicago escort to join you two for a night out on the town or nestled together on the couch in your hotel room.

“I’m very proud of my body,” says Monique. “I’m not ashamed to admit that. Being sexy and being desirable is a big part of what we do here. I know that if I can’t keep myself looking good, then I am not much use to anybody. I have to be sexy so that I can play the role of a Chicago escort. But it is not just a role for me. It’s also my calling. I love to be sexy and fun, flirty and carefree. I love to share my better qualities with the clients I meet, with the men I go out with. It’s so much fun to meet new people! When I meet a new client there is always this great, fun period of time in which we’re both kind of feeling each other out and finding out who we are as people. That exploration is so enjoyable to me. I think of all the clients I’ve had, I have never had one that didn’t bring me that kind of thrill. It’s what keeps me getting up morning after morning, beyond just the obvious. My job is a party all the time. It’s just a party, day in and day out. You wouldn’t think that’s anything bad or that it could ever be, but there’s girls who can’t handle it. There’s girls who get kind of ground down by it. I am not one of those girls. I couldn’t do anything else if I tried, and I wouldn’t want to try.”

Monique knows Chicago very well and is proud of her ability to track down all the most fun night spots. “You can’t find anywhere in this city that somebody else hasn’t found, unless you go with me,” she says, laughing. “I can take you to all the best little nooks and corners of the city. This is a world class city, after all. It’s a dynamic hub of commerce and tourism. Everybody knows Chicago. It’s the kind of famous place you see on movies and television. I love that I get to do my job here, of all places. Of all the escorts I could have been, I’m proud to be a Chicago escort. It makes me really happy and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Monique admits that examining herself naked is something she does frequently. “I’m absolutely fascinated with the nude female form,” she says, “and I love to admire myself. I know I look good. I work hard to take good care of myself, and I love to be sexy for my clients. There is a wonderful feeling of power in being able to walk into a room and turn every head in the place. If I have a single wish for all the other women in the world, it’s that they would come to know what that feels like and take care of themselves accordingly. If you give up being sexy, you might as well give up being a woman at all, really.”