Q- Is hiring a Chicago escort legal? 

A- It sure is! You are only enjoying the company of a beautiful woman. What the two of you do behind closed doors is of no concern to the officials in Chicago!

It’s important to understand that the service we offer is not prostitution, and we do not offer you sex with our girls. That is not what you are booking them to do. We put you in contact with some of the most beautiful and desirable women in the Chicago area, that is true. You arrange through us to make the date happen, and we coordinate your schedule with that of the lady you have picked out. The pictures and biographies on our website are there so that you can make an informed decision about the woman that think would best make you happy. We understand that every man has different preferences and we are happy to accommodate these. We are also capable of fulfilling special requests, assuming these are reasonable and within the bounds of what is possible to us. All you have to do is reach out to us and communicate with us so that we can arrange your booking.

If you don’t see what you want, that’s okay. We have access to many more escorts than the ones listed on our website. We work with quite a few girls from the local area, and if you haven’t found one already listed, we will put you in touch with someone who we think you will like. If you do find someone you’d like to meet on our webpage, but you find out that woman is booked for the time that you are looking to have your time with her, we will likewise locate someone who you might like just as much as your first choice. In fact, we guarantee we can find you someone that you will enjoy. That’s what our girls are here to do, after all.

Q- I’m a little nervous. Can you tell me how this works?
A- We understand that you might be unsure of this process if this your first time and the process is simple and quick: 1- Simply call or send us a message on the contact form. 2- We will answer or respond instantly. 3- Pick the Chicago escort you like or we can help you pick one out, we will check schedule, take payment and you are done! Of course the final step is for you to have fun and pleasure with your beautiful woman!

Your Chicago escort is a professional entertainer who is skilled at handling these types of dates. If you are nervous and you still need some help with the whole process, she’ll take you by the hand and lead you through it. She knows that you can’t enjoy yourself, and therefore she can’t do her job, unless you are relaxed and happy. She is very skilled and experienced at helping men to relax. One of the reasons this is necessary for her job is that she is so incredibly beautiful. Beautiful women can be intimidating, and our girls know that in order to make things easier on you, they have to do what they can to put you at ease. Otherwise it would just be overwhelming to spend time with them… although we like to think that is overwhelming in a good way.

Q- Is my information kept confidential? 

A- Yes! We never share information about you with anyone. Your contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses are kept private and completely secure. In fact, we pride ourselves on protecting the privacy of our clients and it is our absolute #1 priority.

From the moment you first contact us, in fact, we keep everything about your interactions with us completely private. We don’t sell our client list, and we don’t amass data about you. You will never be placed on some spammer or telemarketer’s contact list. We will never discuss your booking with anyone outside the company. We make sure that our girls understand just how important client confidentiality is, and we train them to maintain this as one of our most important standards of client service. Our girls know not to talk about you amongst themselves, not to reveal any details about their work to their own friends and family, and not to pry into your life or ask for any more information than you choose to volunteer.

Q- Do you honor special requests? 

A- Our aim is to make you happy. We want you to have the most pleasurable experience you have ever had. We understand that different men have different fantasies and we are open to exploring ways to make those fantasies a reality. Whether you want to have two of our companions at one time or there is some other fantasy you want to live, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We completely understand that every man has different preferences. If you want something very special, such as to have your escort wear a certain kind of dress, or you have definite preferences when it comes to how you want her to look or to act, you can let us know. We will always take your seriously and we will never judge you. We believe that every man has a right to his inner desires, and we want to make sure you get what makes you happiest. This is part of our commitment to quality in everything we do. Just let us know and we’ll see if we can’t work it out for you.

Q- How do you find your Chicago Babes?
A- As Chicago’s premiere destination for finding the best women in the city, we actually have a steady stream of women who apply for inclusion in our service. From the total novice who has never spent a night escorting before to those women who are well experienced in the fine art of satisfying a man, our escorts are the finest in the city.

Our application process is highly selective and competitive. We have many, many more applicants than we can ever expect to accept. Due to our high standards, only the best of the best are able to call themselves a Chicago babe. In order to ensure that we always deliver high quality service to our clients, we have a special rubric that we use when making our selection.

Of course, breathtaking sexy looks are a given when it comes to being a Chicago Babe. We do not limit ourselves to presenting only blonde escorts or only those will red hair. We try to keep a wide selection of different hair colors available for our clients. All of our escorts are in top physical shape. Not only is being in shape highly sensual, it also ensures that our escorts have the stamina to keep up with any and all activities that you might have planned.

Looks are not the only thing that we base our decision on though. Just as important to us as looks is personality. We want our escorts to be adaptable to a range of situations and to always remain professional and cheerful. Forever smiling, with a positive and encouraging word is the key to those escorts that are chosen to join our roster.

The goal of our screening process is to produce a superior breed of young lady who can conform to our high standards. All our girls are friendly, engaging, spectacularly attractive, and above all, very professional. We instill on them the importance of professionalism very early on. We train them and we maintain that training so that you can always count on getting a good experience with our girls. If they don’t have the temperament for the trade, if they are not well suited to being friendly, vivacious, sexy Chicago escorts who can maintain your privacy and confidentiality, then we don’t keep them on with us. It’s simply that easy. Or rather, it’s not easy at all, but we work very hard to make it seem so.

Q- I have looked at the escorts on your website and you are right. I do not know which one to choose! Help!
A- Some decisions are easy to make while others can leave you wondering where to start. It is in this latter category that many men find themselves when it comes time to make their choice of escort. We can help you with this.

While all of our Chicago Babes make fabulous companions, we can carefully match you up with the one who is most likely to provide you with the exact attributes that you seek. For example, if you are a business man who is here visiting us in the windy city, you might want to unwind with dinner and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere that offers top notch culinary delights. An escort that has either grown up here in the city or who has been here for a long time is probably going to be the best choice for you. She will be able to offer several suggestions when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat based on your criteria.

A famous man once said something about a “poverty of riches.” We offer you so many sexy, gorgeous girls that it might indeed be difficult to choose one. But the beauty of our service is that you don’t have to choose. You could always opt for a multiple escort experience, in which you go out with more than one incredibly sexy lady at a time. Talk to us today about booking this to make it happen. For many men, it is the experience of a lifetime, a lifetime fantasy in which they are hitting the town and painting it read with a lovely lady on each arm.

Q- I have never done anything like this before and I am concerned about my privacy.
A- Let us put those concerns of yours to rest right now. We at Chicago Babes have been in this business for a long time. The nature of this business demands a level of privacy and confidentiality that few other businesses see. We take many steps to ensure that your privacy is always protected in your dealings with us so that you are never put in a compromising position.

We provide you with multiple ways to contact us so that your comfort level is always respected. Simply give us a call toll-free, seven days a week. If you find that communicating via email is more convenient for you, we offer a handy contact form right on our website. You will get the same courteous and quick response using that form, as you would giving us a call.

Q- I have always wanted to have a bevy of beautiful girls at my beck and call. Can I hire more than one of your Chicago escorts at a time?
A- Your fantasy is a popular one among men. Everyone likes to be surrounded by beauty and sexiness so this just makes sense. We are able to cater to many requests and fantasies so that we can offer our clients the very best experience each time they use Chicago Babes. Though there are a number of different factors at play here such as the cost factor and scheduling issues, we are confident that we can provide you with the solutions that are designed to give you your fantasy in an atmosphere that is fun and adventurous.

Rest assured, too, that you are not alone in your desire to have more than one girl to keep you company. Every wealthy man seems to have some variation on this fantasy, and makes it happen on social media for all the world to see. Several high profile playboys on social media make a point of posting picture after picture of them surrounded by half naked girls. Whether a lifestyle or a just a brag, it’s worth considering, and we put this dream within your reach at an affordable price. Don’t wait any longer! Call today!

Q- Can I request a particular escort?
A- We gladly take requests for a particular Chicago Babe. Many of our escorts quickly work up a devoted following of men who are excited to see them again and again once they are provided with the opportunity to enjoy their company.

That being said, many of our escorts are booked quite far out into the future. If you contact us and your requested escort is not available, we will be able to suggest a suitable alternative. We are also able to cater to your need for a quick turnaround time and are typically able to get sexy escort to your location in under 30 minutes so that you do not have to wait long for satisfaction.

Q- Can my escort come to me or do we have to meet in a particular place?
A- We understand that one of the biggest advantages to choosing a Chicago escort is the convenience factor. While you might have the need and the desire to enjoy the companionship of a sexy lady, you might not want to travel in order to do so. Perhaps you only want relax in your hotel room after a long and stressful day at work. At Chicago Babes, our stunning women come to wherever you want them to meet you. Whether that is your hotel room so that you are most comfortable or at your favorite club, the choice is yours. Our lovely ladies are up for almost anything you might have planned and are eager to spend time with you in the location of your choices.

Q- What if I don’t know how to act on my date? What if I lack confidence?
A- Your lovely Chicago escort will walk you through every part of the process so you don’t have to be nervous. She will show you a good time and also help you to know everything you need to know to enjoy yourself. Just sit back, relax, and let your escort help you.