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Daria has the appealing look of the girl next door. She is actually, however, a woman whose body harbors a distinctive kinky side that makes her tons of fun to be around. With interests that run the gamut from baseball to the opera, Daria is the perfect date to take to that boring company dinner or to simply relax in your hotel room when you want some company. Since she is only recently able to drink legally, Daria is still getting to learn about the top bars, nightclubs, and dance clubs. She is really enjoying the freedom of being able to have a drink before she begins dancing, an activity that she has loved since she was a young teen.


Daria is the escort to choose if you want a woman that looks sweet and innocent but that loves to explore all that is kinky about the world. Never known to be a girl who says ‘no’ Daria has the stamina and willpower to take your pleasure to the next level. Able to bend her lithe and perky body into positions that many men believe to be impossible, Daria is one of our most popular escorts. She loves using her voluptuous young body to bring waves of pleasure to the lucky men of Chicago. Come explore the hidden gem that is Daria by giving us a call today and reserving a time slot with this brunette beauty.

“Stamina and willpower,” says Daria. “Those qualities are very important in a girl like me. When I came to work with Chicago Babes, it was made very clear to me that stamina, imagination, and willpower were important qualities. We screen my fellow Chicago escorts very carefully to make sure they have what it takes to do this job. They’ve got to be friendly and outgoing girls who really do enjoy meeting new people. They can’t just be good at pretending. They have to actually enjoy it. If they don’t, then the guys who book them, the clients who are everything to us and our business, will be able to sense that. They won’t like it, they won’t be able to relax, and they won’t have the best time possible as a result. A lot of guys have waited years before finally taking the plunge to take out an escort.”

She adds, “Can you blame them for wanting everything to be perfect? There’s nothing perfect about being with someone who isn’t actually having fun, right? Well, that’s where I come in. I am always having fun, for real. I love what I do and I love my job. I’m very good at it. There’s a real pleasure in knowing you are very good at something, and that is how I approach my job as an escort. I am the sexiest girl you are ever likely to meet in real life, and once we get together, I want to make it clear right away that I’m there to help you enjoy yourself.”

The process of working out where and what she will be doing with her clients always makes her happy, says Daria. “There’s nothing better than when the client knows just what he wants to do and where he wants to go,” she says. “When it is something I have never heard of before, when it is a new experience for me, then he’s helping me build my own memories. A lot of the girls here talk about building memories for their clients, and we definitely do that. But we also build memories for ourselves every time we show up for work. You can’t not do that. There’s just no way around it. I think that’s why so many of us have such a high opinion of this work. It really is a magical ticket to a life unlike any other. You’re parting, you’re having fun, you’re meeting new people, and you’re having these grand adventures. Long after the adventures are concluded, the memories of them will remain. I think that’s really special and I’m very happy about it.”

She considers herself a happy girl overall and doesn’t mind who knows it. “I’m always cheerful and optimistic,” she says. I think you can’t afford to be any other way, you know? Nobody likes to be around negative people. Every day, I try to be the person I would want to be near. I think that’s really a pretty good system overall.”