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You won’t find a sweeter or more versatile Cherry than this Chicago escort. Whether you want a sweet and innocent companion who is a little on the shy side or you want a woman who will tell you exactly how to please her, Cherry can step into any role. She is not shy about exploring different aspects of sensuality and welcomes the pleasures and adventures that such explorations bring to her. Sensual and passionate, she lives to have fun in the bedroom.

Cherry uses her personality to her advantage, always making new friends and getting invited to the best parties and opening nights for new restaurants and bars. Active and really easy on the eyes, Cherry is fairly new to the escort world but we think she has a long and promising future ahead of her. A product of the private school system in Chicago, Cherry enjoys the finer things in life. A classic beauty, Cherry’s personality bursts through the minute you start talking to her. She is intelligent, charming and drop dead gorgeous, all rolled into one fine, 25 year old package.


Perhaps due to her private school experience that landed her at educational institutions that were primarily female, Cherry is a full-fledged bisexual. Beginning as a girl, she has enjoyed exploring this side of her personality. Cherry has found that her ability to embrace those attributes that make men and women unique has made her life fuller and more pleasurable. Building on that foundation, she is then able to increase the pleasure zones for those men that she meets when she is escorting.

“It’s okay to laugh,” she says. “I know how the name sounds. I chose it because I wanted to be as sweet and fresh and innocent seeming as possible. That way, when the guy I’m with realizes I’m anything but innocent, he can enjoy getting to know just how naughty I can be. You can be fresh and still be naughty. You can be experienced and still be fresh. There are guys who seem to think the two qualities can’t go hand in hand, but they absolutely can. Do you want this blushing young thing who doesn’t know her way around? Or do you want a girl like me, who is still spectacular looking but who also knows how to make a man happy?”

“The job of a Chicago escort isn’t difficult, but it can be a challenge,” she says. “That may sound like a contradiction, but it’s not. Deep down, the core of my job is just to have fun. It isn’t just to go out with clients, or go to activities with them. It’s to genuinely have fun. I can’t just go through the motions. I can’t pretend to be having fun. If I pretend, he’s going to know. He’s going to sense that I’m just pretending. That’s not the experience that a guy who goes out with me is paying to get. He wants the full package. He wants the full Monty. He wants to know he’s got a great girl who is having fun with him. If I let him down, if I don’t show him as great a time as I’m capable of showing him, then it is me that has failed. And to show him a great time, I have to set the stage so he can enjoy himself.”

“It comes down to what a man enjoys most,” she says. “What does a man like? He likes pretty girls. He likes it when they talk to him. He likes it when they give him their undivided attention, something that is increasingly rare in modern life. But it’s not about all those things. It’s about the fact that he wants his girl, his lady, his date, to enjoy herself. The greatest gift I can give a client is letting him know that I genuinely enjoy his company. Men want to be valued. They want to be enjoyed. They want to be worthy. You may have been sold this nonsense that every man is just looking for what he can get from others, and that he doesn’t care about their feelings. That isn’t true. Men want to know that they’re okay, that they’re doing right by those around them. If they believe that, then they’re pretty happy overall, no matter what.”

She concludes, “When I meet a new client, I make sure to establish for him right away that I’m there because I want to be. He’s my priority. He’s going to stay my priority. Men really love it when you put them first always. ”