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Sexy Summer like a man who knows what he wants. She is very in touch with her own desires and goals, too, and that’s part of why she responds so well to man who knows how to be forceful in going after what he desires. It’s not that she wants to be dominated. She doesn’t consider herself a particularly submissive woman. But like most women, she admires a man who can show that he has leadership ability, that he’s capable of becoming the quintessential “alpha male.” Yet Summer knows that there are lots of men out there who aren’t considered “alpha males” who nonetheless have the potential to be more than they are. She believes that the key to helping a man achieve his true potential and see his true worth, therefore growing his confidence, is encouraging him. And what could be more encouraging than the friendly smile of a gorgeous woman?

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“When a man meets a beautiful woman, he feels one of two things. He either feels desire, or he feels intimidated. Maybe he feels a little of both. It’s normal to feel that mixture, I think. But ultimately it’s about the power that a sexy girl has to affect a man’s mindset. She has the ability to really push him beyond himself, to make him go after what’s important to him. Every man you know will do things for a woman if she’s attractive. We all have that friend who does dumb things for the sake of a girl. Well, they don’t have to be dumb if that woman has your best interests in mind. When I meet a man, if he’s assertive and confident, great. If he’s less so, well, that’s understandable. It doesn’t make him any less of a man in my eyes. It just means that he hasn’t been encouraged. I’m all about helping people to grow and become more confident. I love to encourage a man. When a woman who looks like me tells a man that he should go after his dreams, you would be amazed at the results I get. It doesn’t take a lot. It’s just a little push, really. Every man is looking for encouragement in some way. Every guy wants to improve his confidence. He just doesn’t know how to go about it. Not everyone does, anyway. I like to give the guys I go out with that little nudge to help them along. Everybody benefits. And real friendship sometimes blossoms from it. I think that’s probably the best part.”

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