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Hello boys !
My name is Alice , and Even though my name is old fashioned, you will find that I am far from being old fashioned .
I am passionate and sometimes even wild when it comes to having a good time.
I have delicious curves, and I enjoy showing off my body as well as using it to give you the utmost in pleasure.
Some may even say that I am Refreshingly uninhibited.
I will always make sure  her sights on making sure that your time in the Windy City is something that you will never , ever want to forget !
Whether you want a companion for a few hours or a few days, I am the partime girlfriend that you always dreamed of .

Delicious Alice is a wonderful sight to wake up to each morning. If you are looking for a companion that gives you your get up and go, you will not go wrong with young and vibrant Alice. With her long blonde hair and curvaceous body that just never stop, Alice is settling in nicely in the Chicago Babes family. Alice enjoys touching and believes that she has a gift with her hands. Ever since she was a young girl, she has been giving those people around her massages. Once she moved to the city of Chicago, Alice decided to pursue her dream of becoming a massage therapist.
With her long and skillful fingers, Alice knows just how to touch you. Whether her aim is to get you to relax or to bring you the most pleasurable sensations you have every experienced, you can be sure that she will fulfill her goal. As she nears the completion of her degree in massage therapy, Alice enjoys giving those men in her life a full body experience. With a variety of scented oils at her disposal, this Chicago escort combines the sense of touch with the sense of smell to deliver a one-two punch that is irresistible.
“I may have an old-fashioned name,” Alice says, “but one thing I’m not is an old-fashioned girl. I’m a modern girl, through and through, and that means I understand that the way guys used to meet women and date them is no longer the way they should do so. It’s just not cost-effective or time-efficient for a man to try and find a girl the old-fashioned way. In today’s world, you can’t afford to be just waiting around, trying to locate a girl who’ll give you the time of day. Sure, you could go out to bars and nightclubs and go hunting, but all that’s going to get you is a lot of wasted money, a lot of wasted time, and a lot of frustration. I really feel for the problems that guys face today. They try so hard, and all they really want is the company of a sexy chick like me. I love to be able to give that to them when they book with me. But of course, to get to that point, they’ve got to throw away their ideas about how meeting women is done. Instead of going out and trying to meet a woman the hard way, the slow way, the old-fashioned way, they need to be booking time with me so that we can be going out and spending that time making memories. There’s no other way to put it. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but there it is.”
Alice goes on, “I can’t imagine what a guy goes through in the modern world. Every time he turns around someone is telling him that if he tries to meet a girl, he’s being a sexist or a misogynist. If he sees a pretty girl and tries to chat her up, he’s harassing her. If he doesn’t bother her, he’s treating her differently. If he gives up on meeting women, he’s a loser and a virgin and not a man. If he tries to have sex with all kinds of women, he’s again a misogynist and some kind of sexist. There’s just no winning for a guy in modern society unless he knows who he is and he refuses to take anybody’s grief. I like a man who is confident enough to say that he knows who he is and he’s not going to take any grit from anybody. He’s just going to step out there and tell everybody who will listen that he’s going to take life on his own terms. I guess that’s why women like ‘bad boys.’ A bad boy is a difficult guy, sure, but he’s a man first. He tackles life the way a man tackles life, and that is what women admire about men like that. It’s what draws them.”
Not everyone wants a girlfriend !
Honestly , for a hard working , successful man it can be a down right pain in the ass !
A wife and/or a full time girlfriend requires lots of time , energy and money ! 
That is why Alice loves being a … partime girlfriend . 
She gets to make you happy , have fun and not have to deal with all of the other unpleasantries that come along with a Full Time Relationship .
So … Let’s get this party started !
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