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Sumptuous Spring is very proud of her body and knows that it gets attention. She’s become accustomed to being the center of attention and, truth be told, she’s come to crave that kind of focus. This makes her ideally suited for her work as a Chicago Babe because, to put it very simply, there’s no way an escort can avoid being the center of attention. A beautiful Chicago escorts purpose to get noticed , to turn heads and make sure that you always … Have fun ! She walks into a room and she makes everyone stop what they are doing and take in this vision in the tight dress, this woman with the incredible rack, long legs, and round rear end. Spring is the kind of woman who blows the doors off regular women. In fact, a lot of women don’t like Spring, because they feel threatened by her. Women are so naturally competitive that they always feel a little inferior next to a beauty like Spring, and Spring makes no apologies for how she looks. She works out to keep her body in tip top shape, she always makes sure she looks nice before she goes out, and she takes pride in herself. She believes it is this pride, this confidence, that make her so attractive to the men who take her out.

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“It’s so easy to become a slob these days,” she says. “We practically pave the way for modern women to turn slovenly and complacent. Women are taught they just deserve a man. They just deserve to have whatever they want. They just deserve to get everything a man does. But at no time do we tell them they have to work at it. That they have to take some pride in themselves. It disgusts me that every woman wants a man but so few will admit it. Modern feminism and nonsense like that have taught women that it’s wrong for a man to find pleasure in looking at them. So they ugly themselves up and resent those of us who don’t want to leave the house looking like rag bags. Well, I’m a beautiful woman. I can have any man I want, if I set my eyes on him and make him my goal. I don’t make any apologies for being sexy, either. If my body intimidates you, then maybe put down those cookies and learn to hit the gym once in a while. If your man looks at me when I walk into the room, maybe ask yourself what I’ve got that drew his eye, something you don’t have or never had. I don’t take anything for granted. That means I always show my best self, and my clients always get my best foot forward. It’s that simple.”

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