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Sweet Dariana has the type of all-American blonde looks that make her immensely popular wherever she goes. A cheerleader when she was in high school, Dariana still has all that pep, energy and flexibility that made her one of the best on the team. She loves showing off her cheerleading moves since they allow her to bend her shapely body in ways that make men really happy. If you ask her nicely, she might even put on her cheerleading outfit for you.

A college mud wrestling star wanna-be, Dariana is every man’s dream come true date when she puts on a bikini. With her ample breasts spilling out of her top and her fondness for skimpy bikini bottoms, Dariana’s cool blonde looks bring many men to their knees in pure and rapturous joy. A Chicago escort for several years, Dariana has the cool and level-headedness needed to fit into any situation. Whether you simply want a gorgeous companion to spend a few meaningful hours with or you have a longer-term event in mind, Dariana is a hottie who is willing to cater to your every whim.


A college student, Dariana has plenty of brains and personality to match her spectacular blonde looks. She is always eager to show a man a good time. In fact, Dariana takes great pride in her adventurous spirit and she is willing to try pretty much anything at least once in her life. A natural-born ham, Dariana’s cheerful personality always puts everyone around her at ease, making her the perfect escort for those men who have never hired a lovely Chicago escort before. Give Dariana a call today and enjoy exploring her gorgeous body and her many and varied talents.

“You have to have a positive attitude,” she says. “You have to let that inform everything you do. We get what we give. When you want to get great things, you have to be willing to give good things. You have to be the kind of person who visualizes change, and then executes what he or she visualizes. There are so many opportunities in the world to change what’s happening and to make things better. From volunteering for charities to just random acts of kindness. I appreciate everyone I meet. I try very hard never to hate anyone. But more importantly, a lot of the people I meet are clients, and I genuinely enjoy them. There’s nothing I like better than to go out with a client for drinks or dinner the first time, and just talk with them, really get to know them, find out where they’re at. It’s fun and exciting too.”

As for adventure, Dariana is always ready for one. “At the drop of a hat, I am ready to accept whatever opportunity for adventure comes along. I have vowed never to let risk, or my inhibitions, interfere in a truly amazing opportunity. If the chance for a new experience comes along, if there’s something that I can do for the first time, you can bet I’m going to jump on it right away. Sometimes, chances come along and you’ll miss them if you don’t go for it quickly. You have to be willing to act on a moment’s notice. So every moment is that moment for me. That’s the threshold where I say I am ready to the world. Not a lot of people can tell you they are ready for adventure at any moment. But I am. You just never know.”

But what is that adventure? Dariana has some specific ideas about that, too. “You just can’t be specific,” she says, laughing. “You have to be flexible. Flexibility and adaptability are the qualities that will see you through. That’s what allows you to really take those opportunities as they come, to be spontaneous and fun. What is spontaneity, after all? It’s just you using your chances and opportunities right away, without wasting any. You have to react fast, sure, and it’s important that you have some resources. But you don’t need much. You just need this wellspring of courage. I wasn’t always really clear on what courage was, but I get it now. I totally do. And part of that is meeting your obligations as a person.”

Dariana is a flirty party girl who knows what men like. “I will show you the best time in the city,” she says. “Some of my fellow escorts argue otherwise for themselves, but I’m the one you want. I’m the one who can truly treat you as you deserve to be treated. And you can take that to the bank, put it in your pipe and smoke it, and search the haystack for that fact. Uh, whatever that means.”