So, you’re finally going to do it. You’re finally going to step out on the town with a beautiful, professional escort on your arm.  Well, you’ve made the right choice.  When other women see you with that hottie, they’re going to burn with jealousy and they won’t even know why.  See, when a man goes out in the company of beautiful women, his perceived value as a man goes up.  Other women see this and figure, “Hey, he’s with that stunner, so he must have something going for him. Why did he pick her and not me?” It isn’t that they seriously think they would be picked for a date by a man they’ve never met. It’s that on some theoretical level, every woman is comparing herself to every other woman, and wondering if she measures up.

This is why using an escort service can really help you.  That woman you go out with makes you look good because she looks good, and so your value goes up and the willingness of other women to say “yes” to a date or phone number request will go up accordingly.  Once you’re out with your escort or with a “regular” date, though, you still need to know where to go. So where’s it going to be?

Well, there’s one thing you should stop and consider: You’re in Chicago! You’ll be blown away by everything there is to do and enjoy here, and we guarantee that if you are enjoying, then there is a good chance she will be too.  Don’t you want to show her a good time? The better time she has, the more cooperative she’s going to be with you later on, right? Well, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Blue Man Group

Try to imagine performance art crossed with comedy crossed with social commentary crossed with one of those shows where a guy smashes watermelons with a sledgehammer.  If you can imagine that, you can kind of imagine what the Blue Man Group is like.  These guys really do perform completely coated in blue paint, and they are known for their audience participation acts.  Whatever you do, don’t go with them, and don’t let them take your date up on stage, unless you’d like to watch her eat Twinkies with a knife and fork while her stage companions shoot chewed-up Twinkies out of holes in their chestpieces.

I know, it sounds really weird, and it is, and part of it is like a rock concert (you can buy Blue Man Group albums that are all music).  But it’s also unlike any show you have ever been to, guaranteed, and it’s sure to produce a memorable date for you.  Just bring some earplugs along in case you don’t want your date’s ears to be ringing by the  time you get her home.

Museum of Science and Industry

With an amazing area of exhibits that run the gamut of what you’d expect in a “science and industry” themed museum, this is one educational and entertaining stop. One of the major focuses of the museum is trains (for obvious reasons, here in Chicago), so if you like trains or think your date might, this one is definitely a home run. Seasonal entertainment, especially at Christmastime, is also worth checking out… and getting out of the cold for. There is a food court on site, multiple gift shops, and a jazz-themed cafe, too.

Garfield Park

What could be more romantic than a walk in the park? That’s what this is, and it might be just the way to loosen her up.  Plus you can get plenty of time alone with her to chat, even if other people are around.  Getting to know your date can make a big difference.

Driehaus Museum

This is a mansion that once belonged to Sam Nickerson, a banker.  This is a chance to see how old money lived back during an age when things were a bit more civilized.  Great inspiration for those “Great Gatsby” types out there, too.

Crown Fountain

Want to see some of the sights of downtown? Take a stroll past Crown Fountain, and appreciate the Windy City for what it is.  There’s lots of stuff to see and do downtown and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kingston Mines

Do you like the blues? Chicago is known for its blues culture (remember that movie about the two bluesmen who were driving an old cop car at night with their sunglasses on?) and this place is one location where you can really get your blues on.  There’s something about whiskey, a hot girl, and the blues on a weekend night (or even a weeknight) that is incredibly sexy and very worldly, all at the same time.  You could really score big with a night out at a place like this.

Oriental Theater

Chicago has LOTS of shows, and this is a gorgeous place to see one.  Once you get the lay of the land and see what’s offered, you can look for shows in other locations, too.  Every big city has multiple venues for getting you into a show, even at the last minute, and there is an endless number of choices of entertainment.

Holy Name Cathedral

I know, you may be thinking that going to a cathedral, especially a Catholic one, might be sending the wrong message on your date.  But if your lady thinks old architecture is cool, or you have a burning desire to exploit her interest in that novel about that guy who found a code in that old church stuff, this might be a great location to appreciate an ancient tradition.

Millennium Park

Visiting this park is free, but it’s another location where you just might find romance while you get to know your lady. This is yet another in a long series of attractions that Chicago has to offer.  You know what you’re after, and so does she.  Show here a great night out on the town and she’ll appreciate it accordingly.