It’s true that we all get a little bit slower as we get older. We may find that we walk into a room and we can’t remember why we did so. We start having trouble remembering things like phone numbers, passwords, or other pieces of information that used to be second nature. We misplace small items. We hunt for our glasses only to find them perched on our heads or hanging from our shirt. These are things we tell ourselves are just a natural part of the aging process, something we have to accept. We’re just going to gradually lose mental function as we get older. Right?

Well, it may not have to be that way. There was a new study published recently in the journal of Neurology that says people who exercise on a regular basis don’t go downhill mentally as fast as people who don’t. In other words, you can stave off senility if you just make exercise a regular part of your life. The study looked at almost a thousand people in a major metropolitan area who were at risk for things like stroke. “Among the participants, 90 percent reported light exercise,” reads the study, “such as walking and gardening, or no exercise at all. Those people were placed in the low activity group. The remaining 10 percent reported moderate to high-intensity exercise such as running and aerobics, and were placed in the high activity group. About seven years later, each person was given an MRI and a battery of tests that examined memory and thinking skills. Five years after that, participants took the memory and thinking tests again.”

The results were pretty impressive. People who had no signs of mental problems who also didn’t exercise showed a faster decline over the years than those who exercised regularly. It was as if, the researchers said, the people who didn’t exercise had brains ten years older than the people who did, even though their brains were biologically the same age. This is very powerful testimony to the power of exercise to help your mind stay fit along with your body as you get older. It isn’t the first study of its kind, either. There is other research that says being a regular exerciser can help you make better decisions and engage in complicated, critical thought. There are other benefits to regular exercise, too.

Among those benefits? Well ,the more you exercise regular, the better able you are to relieve stress. Stress can be a big problem when it comes to retention and recall of information. It retards the thinking process and makes you more distracted and more agitated. Over time, stress can have a deleterious effect on all the body’s systems, so much so that those who endure frequent stress over sustained periods of time frequently have negative health effects as a result. If you lead a physically sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to be a slower thinker. Leading a life of little activity means you slowly wither away, at a rate faster than those who get regular exercise. Even the speed with which you process data is affected, making it harder for you to do math in your head, remember things you need to remember, and think your way through issues that confront you. Why do you think older drivers tend to drive slower? It’s because they’re having trouble keeping up with all the inputs that are coming at them. They slow down so they have enough time to react to things happening on the road, oncoming traffic, traffic signals, and so on. Their slower processing speed makes them more dangerous to other drivers and ultimately to themselves.

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