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Nirvana has an unusually exotic name and an unusually exotic body to go with it. She’s young and sexy, fresh and fun. She loves to go to sporting events, and she loves bar hopping. She is also an avid fan of more private games that couples love to engage in together. She will show you that she is aptly named. A college coed with a flair for being sexy, Nirvana grew up in Chicago and knows the city very well. She would be happy to share her playful energy with you as the two of you get to know the city. Nirvana is also a very flexible girl who loves to keep her body in prime shape. She does yoga and that keeps her in top form all the time. She loves to show off what her body can do.


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Nikki loves to dress up in different lingerie outfits and is happy to play different roles. Her favorite time of year is Halloween, when everyone gets to indulge their naughty side by interpreting different sexy costumes. She is particularly fond of the naughty nurse look because she likes to take care of her man. She sees her job as a service job that involves making men happier and taking away their stress. This makes her an incredible escort who knows how to get the job done.

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