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What are some other things ?
Well, our value added starts with the schedule coordination we do, believe it or not.
You’re a very busy person, and many of our very popular girls are also very busy. In order to match you up with the beautiful, sexy escort who best meets your needs, we do go out of our way to get information from our young ladies in the form of interview questions and biographical data. We post their pictures and their stories here on the website so you can get a sense of who they are when you are making your selection. This is all obvious to you. It’s an overt demonstration of how we add value to the process. But there is another layer of service that we provide, one that is not necessarily overtly obvious. It takes place behind the scenes. It is the means through which we provide you with the best possible quality of Chicago escort. We are of course talking about our screening process. All of our girls are thoroughly screened and vetted for your safety, your satisfaction, and the success of your booking.

Escorting is not for everyone, so makes sure that your prospective young Chicago escort / Partime Girlfriend has the temperament it takes to do this job.
We weed out anyone who does not match the right psychological profile for the job. You’ve had enough dates in your life with women who were attractive but not very mentally stable. You’ve had plenty of unpleasant, critical, unfriendly women in your dating history. There are none of those sour women among the ranks of our Chicago escorts. We make sure that your young lady has the right personality and the right approach. She loves her job as a Chicago escort and she’s going to show you that. By demonstrating to you how much genuine fun she is having, she will enhance your enjoyment of the booking. We screen out any prospective escorts who cannot meet this standard. It’s very important to us.

Of course, we also conduct the necessary health and background checks. None of our girls will give you any reason to regret coming to us. We investigate them thoroughly, vetting them to make sure they can handle themselves professionally while treating you right. When you book one of our Chicago escorts, you are not getting some random woman. You are not getting some luck of the draw. You are getting a fine, professional entertainer who knows how to conduct herself in a variety of social situations. She will never embarrass you. She will never be critical of you. She will never strive to do anything but please you, and we really do think you will be pleased.
We screen our women for imagination, leadership potential, and stamina as well as their ability to be discreet, too. To do this job, a girl has to be able to hold up to the non-stop partying and still be fresh, exciting, and inviting. Those that can’t hack it don’t stay. They have to have the imagination and leadership potential to take over if a date isn’t going well. They have to able to subtly take charge without making it seem that is what they are doing, and they have to be able to problem-solve behind the scenes in order to guarantee the success of your booking. All of these qualities are important in a Chicago escort, so we screen for them. But discretion is the most important quality, and we test our girls to make sure they can meet our high standards for protecting your privacy. In other words, if a girl can’t keep to herself what she overhears, if she can’t protect your privacy in all things, she doesn’t stay here. She isn’t welcome. Our girls know how to treat a man with respect. They know how to protect his privacy. And they know how to show him a good time. These are all qualities that every man should seek in a woman… but then, the traditional method of dating and courting has failed, hasn’t it? So what’s a man to do?
The answer is that he leaves traditional dating and relationships behind with Belgium escorts. Why put up with drama, hassle, rejection, and countless other negativities and indignities when instead you can take back your romantic life on your terms? There is an entire movement in society in which men are leaving relationships and women behind, refusing to get married and instead going their own way. But these are healthy heterosexual men whose desire for sex hasn’t changed just because they’ve seen the futility in relationships. So how does such a man answer his desire to spend time in the company of beautiful women? Why, he books a Chicago escort, of course.
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